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List of Services

Carpet Cleaning

Bring the A-Factor Systems to your facility today. Maintaining the appearance of your carpet is vital for improving office morale, extending the life of your carpet investment, and showing your clients that you care about the experience in doing business with you.


Eco Carpet Cleaning Solutions

Accuchem Cleaning & Restoration is very concerned with our environment. Proper carpet maintenance along with green carpet cleaning can result in even more improved environmental quality, reduced health complaints, as it further protects the health of building occupants and the environment.


Upholstery Cleaning

A proper, thorough cleaning using the A-Factor System will freshen and restore your upholstery and add to the life of the fabric. A-Factor Technicians are trained in handling the most delicate of fabrics on the market today.


Specialty Stain Removal

There a many types of soil that can hinder the appearance of your carpet or upholstery. The A-Factor System utilizes very specific specialized stain removing solutions for any type of stubborn stain that may give your carpet or upholstery a not so pleasant look.

Mold Mitigation

Accuchem Clean & Restoration specializes in mold remediation. Mold develops in a building wherever dampness occurs. Often unnoticed at first over time it can develop into a real plague, making many residents, employees ill and triggering allergic reactions. The key to effective treatment is a speedy and thorough repair by specialists. Accuchem Clean & Restoration deploys a variety of processes to get your home or facility back into safe living and working environment.


Water/Fire Restoration

When you experience water or fire damage to your commercial property, taking care of your tenants/employees and minimizing the down-time to your property are your top priorities. With Accuchem Clean & Restorations Immediate Response, we can resolve your damage quickly, helping you to rebuild and reclaim your property or business.

Tile Cleaning

Keeping your tile and grout clean and maintained will actually increase the life of your carpet. Soil transfer from tile to carpet and vise- versa every time you or your employees walks from one to another. Having your tile and grout serviced regularly will insure a healthy and clean environment.


Stone Cleaning

Whether your facility has terrazzo, granite, marble or travertine Accuchem Clean & Restoration can restore the shine to your floor or even counter top. Great characteristic about stone is you can never wear it out and can be restored to its original state no matter how bad the scratches or gouges.

VCT Stripping and Waxing

Tired of looking at those disgusting scuff marks and deep ground in soil on your vinyl floor? Call Accuchem Clean & Restoration and we will completely strip off all those scuff marks and deep ground in soil and apply a minimal of 4 coats of the highest grade wax on the market to give your vinyl floor a shiny like new finish.

Customized Maintenance Programs

Placing your facility on a “Customized Maintenance Program” (CMP) will significantly extend the life of your textile. CMP will be developed for your specific facility needs. Cleaning your facility as a “as needed basis” only has been proven to be a very costly mistake. Accuchem Cleaning & Restoration has proven over the past 18 years of business that placing textiles on a CMP extends the life of all textile types and saves Companies $1,000’s due to premature textile replacement.


New Construction/Renovation/Make Ready/Clean Up

Completing a construction or renovation project is difficult enough without having to deal with the post-project clean up. To eliminate the entire clean-up mess, construction companies and facility managers turn to Accuchem Clean & Restoration. From wall to wall….ceiling to floor. Accuchem Clean & Restoration clean-up crews will ensure your facility shines.


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